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Is Sitting Worse Than Smoking?

Have you heard the phrase, yet?

"Sitting is the new smoking."

And no, it doesn't damage your lungs as you might imagine. But it can damage your posture and overall health depending on your posture at work and duration of sitting time.

Ergonomic task chair

And what the most wild thing is, experts say even those who exercise can't negate the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

According to this article, the doctor says even spurts of exercise don't cross out extended periods of sitting. Extended periods of sitting affect a person's overall metabolism.

Along with sitting comes an increased risk of obesity, according to that same article. That's why the doctor from the article recommends standing desks.

You can see our selection of sit-to-stand desks on our online catalog.

Sit-to-stand desks, especially from Haworth, have increased in popularity over the last several years, and for good reason.

Those at offices, schools and in other settings can simply boost their metabolism and help their posture by standing for half the time while doing their work.

Ergonomic chairs have also made a headline in recent years, helping with posture and comfortability while sitting, so when you sit, you can sit properly and help your posture.

We're not saying sitting is equivalent to smoking, but we are saying the integration of better chairs, sit-to-stand desks and a better understanding of your working environment can help you make more health conscious decisions at the office!


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