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Social Spaces Transforming Offices

In the day and age of social connectivity, workplaces across the globe are finding ways to better communicate and work together.

Community spaces are becoming more and more common. More people are turning to community spaces at work places then they used to.

Out with the cubicle and in with the community work spaces. Collaborative community work spaces are being seen across offices in the United States. People are seeing, especially the younger generation, the value of working with team members and being able to see them and converse with them all at the same time.

Haworth offers a lot of products that companies can choose from to make community workspaces more productive. More people are taking laptops with them around the office and finding different places to sit and different ways in which they can work that are more productive for them. The cubicle that used to work 10 years ago for someone, might not work for someone in 2019.

A laptop can go along way in today’s age because people can bring it with them anywhere in the office to maximize their working potential. It allows people to collaborate see each other and even work on group projects more efficiently than they would have if they were confined to cubicles. Should you look to modernize your space, consider more of a lounge setup.

We’ve seen cubicle heights shrink, desktops turned to laptops and tablets, and once commonly-called meetings turn to online chat room conferences. Meetings happen while work is being done because people are collaborating more efficiently. Companies across the nation are finding that there’s a need to satisfy the wants of younger employees. Though people may now be more stuck to their social networks, people are still social. The smiles you would see at staff meetings in conference rooms are the same smiles you get in a text message in your company chat group. And when people meet in person, they know their time is of the essence, and commonly opt to bring their laptops rather than bringing scrambled notes and paperwork.

Haworth has the ability to let you do this with some of their newest technology. The newest, Workware, allows companies to display multiple screens from multiple devices on one screen, allowing everyone in the meeting to bring their laptop, phone, or tablet and show everyone what they are working on and where they are at in each phase of projects.

Oh, and the chords?

Cords are a thing of the past with this newest technology. Much like Google Chromecast and Apple mirroring, Workware gives you an even better product. Multiple screens, not just one screen, can be displayed for everyone in the meeting to see on one screen without any cords. It’s really an amazing product that more companies should look into getting to maximize workflow and efficiency without tangling cords or getting the conference room messy with a bunch of scrambled papers. Mary from sales can have her goals up on the board at the same time that Bill from the marketing department can show how marketing has directly affected the sales all on the same board. With all of the changes that are creeping into workplaces across the United States, companies should start thinking about ways to make their workplace more efficient, manageable, and productive. When companies have tons on their plates, Doing such a task like buying office furniture in systems to better manage work flows, can be really tough while still for filling job duties.

Workspace Resource can put your mind at ease with a staff of knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient teams to help you get the work place that your company needs. Neglecting your space can negatively impact your business. Even if you think that you could possibly squeeze in time to buy a few more chairs or technology systems when in actuality most of that time you will just put on the back burner because of the amount of work that you have to do. Workspace resource can do all of that for you with interior custom designers who know work flows and spaces and can get you into the one that your company needs the most.


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