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It's Time To Let Employees Bring Their Pets to Work

Bring your pet to work days are replacing casual Fridays in work spaces everywhere.

More and more furry friends are finding themselves spending less time in their crates, and more time with their owners from 9-5.

That’s in part because an increasing number of businesses are offering their employees the opportunity to bring their dogs and other pets to work. Some companies on LinkedIn even have ‘Bring Your Dog’ days, much like the age-old bring your child to work days. E-commerce giant Amazon has said more than 6,000 dogs enrich their facilities and workplaces every week. Even more so, a lot of offices have an ‘Office Dog’ that hangs out daily.

With more fur, energy and activity in offices across the nation, office setups are being altered…. and for the better!

Flooring, wall placements, and desk heights are all changing across offices, allowing your pet to be more easily-accommodated at work.

Should your office be in the mood to start allowing the practice, you may see a need for wall arrangements to be altered, which is very doable with movable walls from Haworth.

Less carpet and more easily-cleanable surfaces and hard raised floors are taking over, allowing companies to get the most of their spaces, providing cleaner working environments to employees while maximizing energy savings.

Adjustable height desks are also perfect for the employee who wants to get on their feet while allowing an even larger dog to curl up underneath them.

It's definitely a craze, and one your company should look into!


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